Edge of Forever, LLC aspires to cultivate safer spaces within the live action roleplaying community via its subsidiary campaign games, Doomsday and Planebreak. We want to do more than offer immersive experiences; we want to provide environments in which our customers can explore other settings, societies, and flavors of strife without excessive consideration given to their out-of-game personal safety, especially with regard to other players and game staff. This goal is the cornerstone of our company, and we approach everything we do with the intent that every player should feel comfortable regardless of ethnicity, gender identity and presentation, sexual orientation, sex, religion, nation of origin, or any other significant factors by which they may identify. 
In short, if any aspect of your identity should or could be in an EOE clause, we want you to feel free and comfortable to be that thing and express that thing at any of our games or events with no fear of consequence. 
Because we value the necessity of safer spaces within the gaming and LARP communities, it is pivotal to Edge of Forever and its constituent game runners that we implement, maintain, and enforce a zero tolerance policy for any and all physical, emotional, verbal, orsocial media harassment and/or abuse. Most importantly, Edge of Forever chooses to believe victims and asserts its right as a private company to ban customers, staff, and game owners against whom allegations of harassment or assault are made and to enforce that ban unless they can otherwise prove those allegations are false. Because we believe victims, we will not encourage players banned for harassment or assault to attempt to disprove such allegations; if they wish to do so, that responsibility is entirely theirs.
These issues are difficult to discuss, especially in communities as small as ours. Oftentimes, to reveal to a customer the reason for their ban – especially with regard to harassment or assault – can directly or indirectly fail the victim with regards to confidentiality and personal safety. Similarly, we do not make the banning of players public; this is in part for their personal safety and in part to avoid the dispersion of allegations to avoid legal consequence. We will, however, exercise our right to privately alert other game owners as to our actions and the reasoning behind them if and when we feel it is appropriate, as we believe strongly and vocally in the removal of predators and abusers from the community. 
Whether the accuser or accused chooses to address allegations or bans publicly is at their discretion, and if they do so they are solely responsible for both their actions and the consequences thereof.
When allegations of harassment or assault are brought to our or our staff’s attention, we will consult the accuser in an endeavor to come to a solution that is comfortable to them. This means we may not always take immediate action if asked not to do so; it also means we may adjust the original solution in accordance with a victim’s comfort (for example, escalating punitive action from forbidding a player from interacting with certain players to a suspension or ban as necessary). 
Edge of Forever, LLC and its subsidiaries Doomsday and Planebreak accept and assume all responsibility for their decisions where these matters are concerned. We stand by our zero tolerance policy and will continue to advocate for the removal of broken stairs within the community. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a broken stair or its application to gaming and larp, consider giving this geekinitiative article (and the originating post from Pervocracy, linked within) a read. 
To report concerns, harassment or abuse, please email our Staff: Jeramy, Jenn, or Kris. You may also speak to us at an event with any immediate concerns, however we request you send a followup email post-event as well. Any information you provide will remain confidential within Staff unless you request otherwise.

Be excellent to each other.