The purpose of this form is to keep the Doomsday Kitchen up to date on all potential food-related hazards within the community, so that they may avoid them or indicate if they are present in food served. This form is also intended to make the Doomsday Staff and First Aid Certified community members aware of attendee health concerns. Outside of these purposes, this information will not be shared with any third parties (unless specifically requested by you).

Please keep answers restricted to risks to your health. This is not a form to state dislikes; for example, we don’t need to know if you will not eat peas – but if an allergic reaction to a pea could be life threatening, we need to know about it.

We normally provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for food. The vegetarian option is often (but not always) vegan and gluten-free. (Since food for our meals is stored and prepared in the camp kitchen shared with other groups, we cannot guarantee food is celiac-safe). 

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