09.2019:  The End of All Things – Finale Event
06.2019:  The Ravages of the Rend
05.2019:  The Desolation of Ya’raved
03.2019:  The Unity of Snow
12.2018:  Gangs of Mag Mel
09.2018:  The Abyss Gazes Back
06.2018:  Crypts of the Void Empress
05.2018:  Infestation of Shadows
04.2018:  Open Season
03.2018:  Synchronous Orbit
12.2017:  Nevermore
11.2017:  Leaving Home
10.2017:  The Serpent
09.2017:  Rescue and Recovery
08.2017:  Remembrance
06.2017:  Epilogue
05.2017:  Endgame, Part 3
04.2017:  Endgame, Part 2
03.2017:  Endgame, Part 1
01.2017:  Plague Ship
12.2016:  The 3rd Annual Raven Network Holiday Special
11.2016:  Dino Island III – The Wrath of Dino Island
10.2016:  Call of Midnight
08.2016:  Lazerball!
07.2016:  Refugee Crisis
06.2016:  Premonition
05.2016:  Doomday – The Musical
04.2016:  End Times War
03.2016:  Madness Decree
02.2016:  Blight
01.2016:  Resistance Tales
12.2015:  The 2nd Annual Raven Network Holiday Special
11.2015:  The Fall of Sanctum
10.2015:  The Gate
09.2015:  Shadows out of Space
08.2015:  Animus
07.2015:  What Lies Beneath
06.2015:  Dino Island II – The Revenge of Dino Island
05.2015:  Two Years Remain
04.2015:  Tales from Another World
03.2015:  Children of Destiny
02.2015:  The Wild Hunt
01.2015:  The Great Clansmeet
12.2014:  The Raven Network Holiday Special
11.2014:  To Hold is To Clone
10.2014:  Insanity Protocol
09.2014:  Peace in Our Time
08.2014:  Overgrowth
07.2014:  Dino Island
06.2014:  The Fall of Man
05.2014:  Three Years Remain
04.2014:  Alien Roads
03.2014:  Return to Sanctum
03.2014:  Raven’s Rift
12.2013:  Midnight
11.2013:  Homeland
10.2013:  The Festival
09.2013:  Infection
08.2013:  Prison Break
05.2013:  The End of the Beginning
04.2013:  Hunting Ground
03.2013:  Goliath
02.2013:  The War That Was
01.2013:  Season 2
11.2012:  The Island
09.2012:  Firebrand
08.2012:  Atmosphere
06.2012:  Landfall


No Upcoming Events



Doomsday runs once-per-month, at Olivet Blue Mountain Camp (a Boys & Girls Club-owned site) in Hamburg, PA.

Attendees are welcome any time after 5pm Friday of the event.
Attendees who pre-registered may pick up their character cards in the main lodge building. On-Site Registration usually begins around 8pm, followed by New Player Orientation in the main lodge, with Opening Announcements and Lay-On around 10pm.

Closing Announcements are at noon on Sunday, followed by a 2 hour cleanup period. All attendees must be off site by 2pm.


When you arrive at the camp, you may park near the main lodge building by the entrance to unload. Once you have your gear unloaded, we request you move your car to the parking area immediately. No cars should remain by the Lodge once the game is in session.

Accommodations & Facilities

The second floor of the main lodge serves as the primary sleeping quarters. Bunks include mattresses; attendees are advised to bring their own bedding. The main lodge has several restrooms and showers, and easy access to the kitchen and dining room. Additional sleeping areas are available in the cabins on the hill, however these do not have running water and are not insulated. We can provide heaters if these buildings are used during the winter.

Olivet Blue Mountain Camp
1540 Mountain Road
Hamburg, PA 19526

Accessibility and Camp Limitations

While the main building does have ramp access, it does not have sleeping quarters on the first floor. First floor accommodations and low-rise beds are available in a cabin near the Staff building. Attendees who have special lodging requirements due to health concerns or ability limitations should contact us as far ahead of the event as possible, and fill out this form to help us make arrangements. (Additional details regarding the accessible building are included with the form).

Please note that this camp is both very hilly and very rocky, with unpaved paths and uneven ground in the fields – it is not particularly wheelchair-friendly. Prior to lay-on, we encourage anyone who is uncertain about the viability of the outdoor mod sites to survey the camp so that they may make their own assessment (we can provide a guide if needed). During the game, we may be able to provide limited shuttle access to sites up the hill, and we do our best to provide options within and around the main building’s first floor for those who cannot or do not wish to climb the hill.

Camp Pet and Service Animal Policy

The camp does not permit pets or animals – however, Edge of Forever LLC does allow for trained service animals, within reason. Any attending service animal must be trained to handle a LARP environment – it must be under control and calm – we will not tolerate a misbehaving, distressed or disruptive service animal. For safety reasons, we may not be able to allow your service animal in areas with active combat, and they are not permitted in private areas such as the kitchen or main lodge sleeping quarters when the game is in session. If you and your service animal will be staying overnight, please let us know in advance.

Camp Conservation

We support conservation of the camp, and we do our best to keep it clean for other groups who rent there. Please help by notifying us of any damage to the site (new or pre-existing), picking up any stray darts you find, and disposing of trash in trash bins or the dumpster. Smoking is permitted outside of the main building; please be considerate of others and stay clear of the building when smoking, and dispose of your cigarettes properly. Our goal is to leave the camp in better condition than when we arrived.