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August 11 – 13, 2017



Doomsday runs once-per-month, at Olivet Blue Mountain Camp in Hamburg, PA.

Players are welcome any time after 5pm Friday of the event.
Players who pre-registered may pick up their character cards in the main lodge building. On-Site Registration usually begins around 8pm, followed by New Player Training in the main lodge, with Opening Announcements and Lay-On around 10pm.

Closing Announcements are at noon on Sunday.

When you arrive at the camp, you may park near the main lodge building by the entrance to unload. Once you have your gear unloaded, we request you move your car to the parking area immediately. No cars should remain by the Lodge once the game is in session.

Accommodations & Facilities
The second floor of the main lodge serves as the primary sleeping quarters. Bunks include mattresses; players are advised to bring their own bedding. The main lodge has several restrooms and showers, and easy access to the kitchen and dining room. Additional sleeping areas are available in the cabins on the hill, however these do not have running water and are not insulated. We can provide heaters if these buildings are used during the winter.

Camp Care
We support conservation of the campsite, and we do our best to keep it clean for other groups who use the camp. Please help by picking up any stray darts you find and disposing of trash in trash bins or the dumpster. Smoking is permitted outside of the main building; please be considerate of others and stay clear of the building when smoking, and dispose of your cigarettes in a trash receptacle.

Olivet Blue Mountain Camp
1540 Mountain Road
Hamburg, PA 19526