This allows you to play your personally created character for the event.
Breakfast and light snacks, plus dinner on Saturday Night are included.
(One 4 hour NPC shift is required.)

DAY RATE   $35

For players attending for 12 hours or less.
(One hour NPC shift required per 4 hours attended.)


New Players receive a discount on their first event.


Can’t make it to the game, but want to buy the next event? This option allows players a chance to collect build as if they were attending, as well as participate in Geoscape and Self-Teach a skill (if able) for that event. Players are welcome to interact in-character with players at the game via phone or social media.

ADDITIONAL BUILD   $10 each, max 2


This allows you to collect Event Build and benefits for an alternate character, regardless of whether you intend to play them or not. You may purchase multiple Alternate Character Admissions, but we suggest you only play as two characters per event. Each of your characters can have no more than a passing knowledge of one another, and they may not work together in any way.


Join us as an NPC! If you’re curious about the game but not ready to play yet, there is no charge to NPC. You will portray various assigned characters throughout the event. For every full NPC Shift you participate in, you receive 1 Build for your character – stay for all 5 and receive 5 Build. You should participate in at least 2 shifts (8 hours).


We accept cash and credit card in person at the Registration Table, and Paypal and credit card online.


Players who Pre-Register receive
$6 off Regular Admission and are able to select their NPC shift in advance. Pre-Registration is open until the Tuesday before the event.

We allow limited Back-Buying, or the purchase of events not attended, for the purposes of gaining Build for those events.  You may purchase 2 Events prior to your first event played.  You may also purchase any events you miss after your first event.  Bought Build may be purchased for any events for which you did not purchase Bought Build (2 per event). Events and Bought Build can also be Back-Bought for your Alternate Characters.

Back-Buying does not go through the normal Registration Process.  It may be done in person at an Event, or online via Paypal (with clear notes as to exactly what you are purchasing).

Once per year, a player may request a reduced admission price if they wish to attend but cannot afford the full cost. No explanation or further details are required.

If you wish to request this, please contact doomsdaylive@gmail.com and we will be in touch with a discount code for online checkout. You can also request this in person at the On-Site Registration desk.

First 4 Events: 5 per event
5th – 20th Event: 4 per event
21st and Beyond: 3 per event

2nd – Starting on the 4th Event
3rd – Starting on the 12th Event
4th – Starting on the 24th Event

Your event counter can be found in the top right corner of your character card. Add 1 Event to determine what Event you are attending. If eligible for a new Class List, you can select it at the start of that event.