The retirement of a character is the conclusion of their individual story in the Doomsday universe, after which point they may no longer be played in the same capacity as a PC, and half their build may be put towards a new character.

There are no prerequisites for independent retirement of a character – a player can retire their character at any point, on-stage or off, without notice. This can come about spontaneously, via choices the character makes which pertain to plot, or by their player’s choice.
We welcome players (if they so desire) to fill in the blanks for those who knew their character with stories of where they have gone, or how they met their end.


When retiring your character, you may make the OOG choice to offload personal belongings, weapons, and items which were significant to that character. Please try to keep this as IG as possible. Effective October 2018, you may not offload components, credits, or items that are not significant to your character’s personal experience or lore. We will ask you to turn in your character’s components, credits, and item cards upon retirement.


Not every ending must be world-shaking, but sometimes it doesn’t make sense for a character to have their ending off-stage. Other times a player is just waiting for the right moment, and are not sure how to make that moment happen. In these cases, we would like to take a slightly more active hand in helping you achieve a satisfying end to your character’s story.

For this, we need your guidance, a few ideas to work with, and some time to make things happen. The following requirements must also be met:

  • The character should have been played at 6 or more events as your primary character.
  • The character must be involved in at least one plot team-driven narrative.

We require at least 3 months’ notice of your desire to retire your character, in order to successfully integrate your story into the narrative(s) proper. Upon receipt of submission of the form below, the Plot Team will review the details and contact you to discuss ideas for your character’s retirement. (We request about two weeks’ turn time for us to reach out and schedule these discussions, as we have day jobs, too).

Once we come to an agreed-upon concept, the Plot Team plot will take it from there and we will work with you to schedule your retirement for an event you can definitively attend. (The three-month window facilitates this, as well – If we are able to implement your character’s retirement earlier, we will let you know).

With 2019 being our final story year, we anticipate an increased number of players will wish to retire via plot. We will do our best to handle as these requests as swiftly as possible. Requests sent after June 2019 will not be honored.

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