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You gain Build for each event you attend:

First 4 Events  –  5 per event
5th – 20th Event  – 4 per event
21st and Beyond  –  3 per event

Your event counter can be found in the top right corner of your character card. Add 1 Event to determine what Event you are attending.

Your number of events attended determines when you can start an additional Class List. If you are eligible for a new Class List, you can select it at the start of that event by writing it in on your character card.

2nd Class List – Starting on the 4th Event
3rd Class List – Starting on the 12th Event
4th Class List – Starting on the 24th Event
5th Class List Available via Path Points or SP

Your event counter can be found in the top right corner of your character card. Add 1 Event to determine what Event you are attending.

We allow limited Back-Buying, or the purchase of events not attended, for the purposes of gaining Build for those events.

You may purchase 2 Events prior to your first event played. You may also purchase any events you are not able to attend after your first event, provided you have not already collected that build via Non-Attending Admission. Extra Build (2 per event) may be purchased for any events you did not purchase the Extra Build for. Events and Bought Build can also be Back-Bought for your Alternate Characters.

Back-Buying is done at the door-rates for both the Event and Extra Build. To prevent confusion, payment for this may not be sent through the normal Registration Process. It can be done in person at an Event or online via Paypal (with clear notes as to exactly what you are purchasing). We recommend you contact us via email to discuss your back-buy before sending it.

We do offer benefits to players who refer their friends!

New Players should name who referred them at their first event playing as a PC.  They may do this in person at the registration desk, or online via the New Player Admission page. They may not name (or change) their referrer after their first event. (You shouldn’t put in a referrer if you decided to come to game on your own. It is, however, legit to do as a thank-you for someone driving you to the event).

The Referrer may claim 1 Build for referring the New Player – however – they must be in attendance at the New Player’s first event to claim the 1 Build bonus; otherwise this chance is missed. If the Referrer pre-registers and the New Player does not, they should both report to the Staff Building when they arrive to get this taken care of.

Following the New Player’s third event attending as a PC, the Referrer will receive a coupon good for one free General Admission. This coupon may be used online or in person, and does not need to be used specifically by the person it is given to.

Service Points (‘SP’) are an out-of-game way of recognizing attendees, marshals and staff who go above and beyond in support of the game and its community. These points may be used to purchase in- and out-of-game benefits. You can not buy SP directly.

Service Points can be used for the following:

100 SP – Any Rank I Weapon
200 SP – 1 Build (once per event – this is done automatically)
200 SP 1 Influence Card with Any Faction (once per event)
300 SP – Rank I Standard Bomb, Contact Poison or non-Flask Tincture
400 SP Self Teach any Skill and that Skill becomes available for immediate use. Must be purchased prior to event start. Does not apply to Prestige Class Skills.
500 SP At Character Creation, you may select any 1 Cybernetic Core and have it installed. (once per character)
600 SP Unlearn 1 Skill (cannot be used to Unlearn Class Lists)
600 SP – One additional Geoscape Move (once per event)
800 SP Rank I Plan
900 SP – Any Rank II Weapon (one per event)
1000 SP 1 Build (once per event)
1,500 SP – 1 Path Point (once per year)
2,000 SP Rank II Plan
2,500 SP – Any Rank III Weapon (limit one per event)
3,000 SP – A Curio (see Jenn to collect it)
4,000 SP – 1 Path Point (limit once per year)
10,000 SP – Full Character Rewrite (this does not allow you to change your Species or to become an entirely different character. If you have a Prestige Class and are no longer eligible for that Prestige Class due to the Rewrite, you lose both the Prestige Class and any Tether and Path Points spent acquiring that Class)
20,000 SP – 5th Class List (can only be purchased 6 events after you make a 4th Class selection)

How can I earn Service Points?

Marshals earn SP for running their shifts, mods, or otherwise tending to their duties.
Special Tasks earn SP. This can be for helping with setup, doing additional cleanup chores, making a trip offsite for supplies, helping out at a convention, etc. Due to the nature of these tasks, these SP rewards vary.
Donations to the game can earn SP. Donation Requests are posted the week before an Event on the main Facebook group, and are reimbursed at an approximate rate of 100SP/$5 spent (occasionally this rate is increased for highly-needed items). Those who bring donations must turn in their receipt in order to get SP. Donations without receipts are only accepted on a case-by-case basis and are evaluated when they are received. If the item you wish to donate has not been explicitly requested, it is always better to ask before bringing it.

Marshals may sign off on up to 200SP for players who assist at the game. Staff Members may sign off on up to 1,000SP. Anything beyond that may only be signed off on by one of the game owners.

A Trophy Card is an out-of-game item used to recognize moments of excellent roleplay, teamwork, leadership, or other in-game actions. These may be given to both PCs and NPCs by Marshals or Staff members.  15 Card Trophies may be turned in to receive one Path Point.

Path Points indicate your character’s progression along their life path. Players automatically earn one Path Point every 10 Events they attend. Path Points may also be purchased with SP or earned through in-game character development.

Path Points can be used for the following:

To purchase a Miracle
To Unlock a Prestige Class and gain 1 Skill* from it
To purchase 1 Skill* from the Universal Prestige Class List (only after your 4th Event)
To purchase 1 Skill* from a Prestige Class List you have unlocked
To open one of the Paths for your Prestige Class and choose 1 Skill* from it (after you have General Skills from that Prestige Class List)
Six Events after you have gotten your 4th Class, you may spend 6 Path Points to Unlock your 5th Class

*plus build cost for Skills purchased

Components (or ‘comps’) are cards which represent raw materials that can be used to to build Plans, enhance Items, or for trade/barter with other players and some NPCs. They can generally be found in the environment or collected from fallen enemies/creatures.

There are 10 Component types: Fauna, Flora, Fluid, Energy, Matrix, Gizmo, Stellar, Telluric, Ancient, and Curio. These are generally worth Market value and have no specific set worth (with the exception of Curios, which are worth at least 50 standard Components).

Credits are a semi-universal currency. While anything of value may be used in trade and barter interactions (Components, Credits, Plans, Items, etc), only Credits may be used to purchase items at the Holo Bartender.

Player Incomes from their Divisions are mainly issued in Credits, according to Rank:

RANK 1  –  4 Credits
RANK 2  –  6 Credits
RANK 3  –  8 Credits
RANK 4  –  10 Credits
RANK 5 & Up  –  +1

Standard Starting Items for New Characters include 4 Random Components and up to 3* Selections from the following list:

–  Rank 1 Weapon/Armor  [1 Selection]
–  4 Components  [1 Selection]
–  Rank 1 Tincture/Poison/Bomb  [1 Selection]
–  Rank 1 Tech Item  [1 Selection]
–  Rank 1 Plan  [2 Selections]
–  Rank 1 Cybernetic Installed  [4 Selections]
–  Rank 2 Weapon/Armor  [4 Selections]

*At Character Creation or Registration for the first event this character is played,  you may also spend $5 each for up to 3 Additional Selections.

You may also choose to have a Contact with any Faction. The first Contact counts as 1 Selection; additional Contacts each take up 2 Selections.
When selecting Armor, 1 Selection will cover all pieces of Armor you come into game with.

For more information on the Items you will be receiving, please check out the Economy, Items, and Areas section of the Rulebook.