Each character will have an identification badge. This badge recognizes your PC as an official resident of Mag Mel and The Perpetuum, and represents them as a member of their primary Onboarding Division. Since this is an official badge, please only submit correct information. You may include honorifics and nicknames with your character name. You are not required to wear a badge at all times, though we do recommend carrying it on your person when you are playing your character. The badge does not need to be visible.

If you lose your first badge, we will make you one replacement. These may be requested in person or by submitting the form below with the ‘first replacement’ box checked. Replacements due to plot reasons may also be issued at Plot Lead discretion. Further replacements or duplicates may be ordered at $2 each. If you like, you may make color photocopies of an existing badge and sleeve contents, but you may not create your own from scratch.

ID badges are issued with an alligator clip and resealable sleeve. These sleeves will also be used to carry additional information behind your ID, such as your rank, factions of influence, pay rate and other details, and are able to have character gender identifiers clipped to them. The back side of your badge and additional sleeve contents are OOG and may not be read unless you deliberately show them to someone.

You should only request your badge once you have decided which Division you would like to be in – preferably within your first 3 Events. You can request a ‘general’ badge if you do not expect to decide right away – but it will still count as your first badge.

Please fill in all fields.  Allow at least two weeks for your badge to be created.

New Character BadgeFirst ReplacementPlot Approval

Player's Preferred Name
Character's Name
Primary Division


Upload your ID photo:

This photo must be an unedited .jpg photograph of your character, taken at Doomsday. Your character's face should be visible and preferably front-facing or a 3/4 view. We'll handle cropping so only your face shows. No selfies, cellphone photos, or joke images, please. Photos which do not fit these requirements will be rejected.

If you do not have a suitable photo, mark the box below and we will try to take one for you at your next event.
I would like a new photo taken for my badge.


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