The purpose of this form is to make the Doomsday Staff aware of any special requirements you may have regarding your bunk and sleeping space, so that we may secure lodgings for you which suit your needs (within the constraints of the campground).

The camp has only one building with ramp access to ground floor sleeping quarters and low-rise beds. It is away from the main building, and during the winter months it does not have water or heating (we can supply a space heater at your request). It is not ideal for general use; most would be more comfortable in the main building. Because of these factors, we strongly encourage attendees who do not absolutely require this building to not request it. Special Lodging in this building is given to those who cannot sleep elsewhere because of illness, ability limitation, or injury, and who otherwise would not be able to attend.

Besides this exception, at this time we do not allow bed reservations. Attendees may choose their bunk on a first-come, first-served basis. Attendees who need the bottom bunk of a bunk bed, or who require close access to an electrical outlet for CPAP or other sleeping equipment, should not use this form to request those. If you arrive at camp and find all bottom bunks taken, please let us know then, and we will help you find one that can be made available. If you are not located close to an electrical outlet, we will either find you a more suitable bunk or provide you with an extension cord and access to an available plug. Our community is very accommodating; most of the time these issues can be resolved without needing to involve Staff.

General attendees may not stay in the Special Lodging building unless they have asked us in person first, at the event. If beds are still available after the requested ones are filled, we will allow general use – but that is with the understanding that if another need arises, we will ask people who can to move elsewhere.

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