The following form serves as your consent to being provided opportunities to participate in what we will be referring to as “Opt-In Plot”.

Opt-in plot refers to plotlines or one-off stories which explore themes commonly considered triggering. These themes may include but are not limited to: depression, social and/or physical isolation, extreme gore and violence, substance abuse, self-harm, existential dread, physical and/or emotional abuse, and suicide/suicidal ideation. As a reminder, Doomsday will never explore sexual assault as a theme, and it does not exist within the game world. Any mod intended as opt-in plot will come with its own, specific content warnings at the time it is hooked, allowing players the ability to decide for themselves if they are in the appropriate headspace to participate.

First, filling out this form confirms you generally consent to interacting with these themes and related content. Our intent is that a player need only fill this form out once, and it is thenceforth understood you consent to being approached with story hooks for opt-in plot. As stated above, all opt-in plot will come with appropriate content warnings, ensuring that if you are not feeling Theme X at a given event or time, you will have more than enough notice to remove yourself from a mod party and allow someone else to participate. By filling out this form, you agree it is our responsibility to disclose at the outset what you might encounter and that it is your responsibility to take care of yourself as needed once provided that disclosure. If we should find the latter half of that agreement is not being fulfilled, Doomsday’s ownership and management team reserve the right not to approach you for these encounters.

Second, we would like to remind you of the phase-out mechanic. This is a mechanic allows you, the player, agency in situations where you find yourself uncomfortable or, worse, triggered. To use this mechanic, you simply call “phase-out” like you would any other skill and put your hand on your head, indicating you are out of game. In game, your character enters the Phase, which, as a normal part of the in-game day to day, is not weird and should not cause any undue suspicion; out of game, this is your opportunity to take care of yourself in whatever way is necessary. If you need to take a five second/five minute breather and come back, do it. If you need to remove yourself entirely, do it. If you need to ask a safety marshal to help you get food/water/to a quiet place, do it. This is about you protecting you.

We ask that if the list of aforementioned themes makes you think you might have to use the phase-out mechanic, you reconsider providing the information this form asks for.  There will be plenty of content for folks who don’t enjoy this flavor of RP, and we prefer you take care of yourselves and play to your comfort level rather than try to push yourself in ways that may do more harm than good. It is worth noting that opt-in content will represent a minority of our per-event programming – at most one to two mods per event, if any.

Lastly, we (and other players you interact with) will still be employing the standard check-in gestures. If someone signals you with the ‘OK’ or ‘thumbs up’ gesture, we encourage you to subtly signal in reply (out of character) with either a thumbs up, flat hand if you are not feeling it, or thumbs down if you don’t like what’s going on. Even if you opt-in via the form below, we want to make sure you are enjoying it, and other players may wish to check in and make sure you (yourself, rather than your PC) are still doing okay.

If you’ve read the above and are feeling keen on this type of thematic material, you may indicate your consent by submitting the following information: