Admission to Doomsday normally includes an NPC Shift requirement. You may volunteer for additional shifts (at a benefit of +1 Build per shift), but you need only select one with your Admission. A standard shift is 4 hours; Day Rate players are only required to NPC for 1 hour per every 4 hours played.  Pre-Registering players are able to select their shift ahead of time until Tuesday before the event. You should add a shift selection for each player you are purchasing admission for.

MAY 2018:

Friday: New Characters, do not take this shift.
Saturday 10-2: MMU/P, do not take this shift.
Saturday 2-6:
Saturday 8-12:
Split Shift:
(These suggested NPC shifts are based on when there is no major plot going on for that specific division.)

Shifts are limited. If you do not see the shift you want as an option below, the cap for that shift may already have been reached. You may select a different shift, or take a chance and sign up when you arrive at the camp. Please only enter one name for each shift selection.

Player Name for this Shift (Please enter only one name)

Partial Shift (Day Rate only)

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